Can I use Data Studio with other tools that are not Google? Data Studio myths

Brands face the need to base their decision making on the use of data from their processes every day, and in a digital context, this becomes even more of a priority. This is why Google Data Studio is presented as a tool with the adequate potential to exploit, analyze and synthesize the data sets obtained in different operational processes of the business through the management tools that are used.

Comparative table of creation report tools: Data Studio, Shiny, Tableau and Power BI

All brands currently look to give an outlet to and use the data obtained through the creation of reports that allow the exploitation, analysis and synthesis of the sets of data obtained from the processes. This is why we have taken on the task of investigating some report creation tools and their main characteristics which are shared below.

What performance indicators should you be monitoring on your website?

Most brands currently fight to ensure the effectiveness of their strategies; however, it is of vital importance to start from an axis that allows you to guide, monitor, verify results and adjust the strategy based on this axis. It is convenient to measure the axis through a layer of performance indicators to gain an understanding of how it moves through time and the operation of processes. In this article, we present suggestions of performance indicators for your website.

What is Google Tag Manager? What is its purpose?

In a digital context, there is a growing need for brands to discover or reveal the path which the user follows within a website which is achieved through the planning and execution of correct data gathering that enables data products for activation and contribution within your digital strategy.

Google Analytics 4

Steps to configure Google Analytics 4

The importance of being up to date with the updates offered by the different Google platforms became a constant task and of great importance which is why we are sharing a guide for the configuration of the new GA4.

Similar audiences

Increase your sales with similar audiences

One of the most important keys in Marketing is finding the right segmentation to direct the ideal message to the right audience. Generally, it starts from the demographic knowledge we have about our targets; age, geography, sex, among others. However, Google Ads currently allows us to go further.

Google Ads

AdWords For Business Benefits

Google Adwords offers two different ways to run an ad on the web: pay-per-click and pay-per-thousand impressions. On pay-per-click advertisers pay for search results for keywords relevant to their products or services.