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Comparative table of creation report tools: Data Studio, Shiny, Tableau and Power BI

All brands currently look to give an outlet to and use the data obtained through the creation of reports that allow the exploitation, analysis and synthesis of the sets of data obtained from the processes. This is why we have taken on the task of investigating some report creation tools and their main characteristics which are shared below.

Covid-19: a mine of data to take advantage of

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the opportunity for the health sector to work closely with data and technology was evidenced, to support their marketing teams better and to improve the attendance and service of the users. The actions taken will be decisive and the implementation of care processes will allow lives to be saved by being able to count on data at the right time.

What is Google Tag Manager? What is its purpose?

In a digital context, there is a growing need for brands to discover or reveal the path which the user follows within a website which is achieved through the planning and execution of correct data gathering that enables data products for activation and contribution within your digital strategy.

Tracking Google Conversions with Google Tag Manager

For digital marketing strategies, it is essential to take Google Ads tools into account; however, it is also possible to have a refined measurement as a complement, for example, Google Tag Manager, which will give us conversion tracking in detail.

What is the HL7- FHIR standard in healthcare?

Health sector organizations are coming closer to standardization for the management of patient data and information that allows the interoperability between the different agents within the sector and at the same time, empowers the patients in the development of their information.

HL7 or Health Level Seven and Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) is a new generation of data standard that is winning ground.

Data standardization and interoperability of the health system

The interoperability is the facility of connecting various systems and that they speak the same language. Counting on this option is very important because it enables us to become health service clients, as owners of our information. Thus, we can provide sensitive and detailed information if it is necessary

Google Analytics 4

Steps to configure Google Analytics 4

The importance of being up to date with the updates offered by the different Google platforms became a constant task and of great importance which is why we are sharing a guide for the configuration of the new GA4.