What is Google Tag Manager? What is its purpose?

In a digital context, there is a growing need for brands to discover or reveal the path which the user follows within a website which is achieved through the planning and execution of correct data gathering that enables data products for activation and contribution within your digital strategy.

Google Analytics 4

Steps to configure Google Analytics 4

The importance of being up to date with the updates offered by the different Google platforms became a constant task and of great importance which is why we are sharing a guide for the configuration of the new GA4.


What is Google Analytics 4 and what is its purpose?

It is crucial for all Technology, Data and Digital Marketing experts to be clear on the purpose of Google Analytics 4 to understand the evolution of this platform with respect to Google Analytics Universal.

Can a review ruin the efforts to position a product or brand?

Contrary to the beliefs of many business people, a report or review published on a web page is a key factor when analyzing digital marketing strategies focused on improving sales. In answer to the question, can a review ruin the efforts to position a product or brand? The answer is yes.

What is a buyer person?

A buyer persona is a client profile, individual, allowing the registration of qualities related to what they say, do or feel in the moment of needing/wanting to buy a product or service.