Why is Google Search Console important for digital marketing?

What is Google Search Console? The Google Search Console is a Google tool that allows the website owner to understand and manage the visibility of their website in the Google Search results

What is the purpose of the SC?

  • The Search Console gives access to the website owner to manage website indexing, to fix errors and view website performance reports for improvement and optimization initiatives (SEO).
  • The search console generates unique reports on all the phrases searched for by Google Search users where the website appears. This way, the website owner can see the search terms in which the site appears in the search results (Impressions) and how often it receives a click for each search term (Clicks). These two data points (clicks divided by impressions) generate the result rate for each term known as CTR (click-through rate). The reports also allow us to know the average position that the website reaches for each search term (Rank Position) where the #1 position is the most desirable.
  • The console serves for the owner to know the status of their site in the search so that they can take action to improve visibility and performance.
  • By accessing the search console, the owner can then link the site with Google Analytics to more closely determine the relation between the actions that the users make in the search and that lead to valuable views and interactions on the website.

How do you configure and install it?

  • To access the search console from a website, the person concerned must prove that they are the site owner. The recommended way to show website ownership is by demonstrating that the user has access to edit the site’s DNS configuration file.
  • The owner demonstrates their ownership of each website by copying a small code supplied in the search console and then pasting it into the DNS configuration file for the same website in the field called “TXT.” The search console then confirms that the code that appears in the TXT field is the same as supplied and access to the console is granted.
  • Once the Google Search Console is accessed, the same access works to validate access to the search console for the Bing search engine.