How to position your business for Google

“Google My Business” is now “Google Business Profile”. In November 2021, Google relaunched Google My Business with the name “Google Business Profile” which means that Google wants us to see it as an official place to develop the business profile for Google. With the name change, a series of new functions for business owners has appeared.

Let’s review the essential functionality of Google Business Profile. As the name suggests, Google Business Profile is a Google tool which allows a business with one or more physical locations (offices, stores, hotels, branches etc.) to establish the locations on Google map and put information about the business in the Google Search browser .Once the business is established on Google, it can start to appear when users carry out searches or navigate a geographic area through Google Maps.


Google Business Profile is the official and definite Google tool where existing businesses are displayed and their locations are on the map, as well as their type of business and contact information. It is the Google version of “Yellow Pages.” As such, Google Business Profile is the tool which all business owners with one or more physical locations need to use to establish and then manage their information on Google. While any Google Maps user can add locations to the map, only those verified through Google Business Profile are taken as official and can verify the referred information.

Business verification process for Google Search and Maps

The verification of a business in Google Business Profile is an essential step in the digital marketing strategy of any business regardless of its size, sector or industry. The business verification has the benefit of improving the organic position of the business in searches and in maps and ensures that the business information is correct.

The business verification process is simple. You are required to locate the business on Google map ( or create it if it does not exist. This process can be carried out from the new business creation interface in Google Business Profile. Then, Google will send a post card to the business’ physical address. The card includes a code that the business owner uses to prove to Google that they reside at the address given on the map.

Development of business information on Google

Once it is verified, the business owner opens the control manner to manage the business information such as the contact information, opening hours, holidays, type of business and the geographical area of coverage amongst others.

In addition to the basic business information, Google Business Profile allows the business to add detailed information on their products and services including photographs and promotions. This extended information about the business not only helps to position the business even better in searches and on the map, but it also opens a tab on the business which appears at the side of the search results when the user does a search for the business in the search engine or the Google map. This tab fills all the visual space in the column adjacent to the search results and provides the business with an excellent opportunity to attract interest and interaction with the clients.

With the launch of the new name of Google Business Profile, a new business information development interface has been introduced. In addition to managing the information from the page, the business owner can manage the information directly from the search results screen and maps.

When you are logged into your Google account, the search interface is presented and in maps, there is a new mini dashboard in which you can view the status of your business information on Google. From this view, the business can modify any detail or create a post.

Interaction with clients and consumers through Google

The biggest opportunity offered to businesses by Google Business Profile is to be able to interact with clients in different ways. While each business needs to take control of their information on Google, for some businesses with services areas or that serve in their physical location, Google Business Profile offers tools which provide the address and the map to find the business, the option to directly call the business and also the option to send a text message.

The four benefits of verifying your business on Google

The benefits for your business in taking control of your information on Google Business Profile can be summarized in the following points:

Firstly, it ensures that your business authenticity is verified and definite on Google Search and Maps. Secondly, the business with verified and up to date information generates a better search position. In this sense, it supports the search engine optimization (SEO) of the business. Thirdly, it brings the business a series of additional tools to extend and amplify your digital footprint. Some of these tools include contest posts, the catalog of products or services and above all, the tools for interaction with clients for driving directions, telephone calls and text messages.

A fourth benefit of taking control of your business in Google Business Profile is because it allows you to improve your business’ reputation. The business owner has access to be able to receive and respond to all reviews and comments which the public leave about their business. Each time that a client leaves comments or evaluates their satisfaction with the business on a scale of one to five stars, the business owner receives a notification of the fact and has the opportunity to respond.

Managing business reputation in Google

The businesses that pay attention to the level of satisfaction and respond to clients’ comments ensure that the client knows that they have been listened to and that the business is taking measures to continually improve. Evidence shows that businesses that are responsive to the comments from their clients have a better reputation with their past clients as they responded to their feedback as well as to potential clients who use the reviews and business reputation as one of the main signs of business quality when they decide to enter a business relationship.


In summary, the business’ reputation does not only depend on the quality of treatment in attending to and bringing service to a client but also in the trustworthiness of the business information and the quality of the answers that are given to clients’ comments. Google Business Profile is an essential tool to generate confidence and credibility.