Increase your sales with similar audiences

One of the most important keys in Marketing is finding the right segmentation to direct the ideal message to the right audience. Generally, it starts from the demographic knowledge we have about our targets; age, geography, sex, among others. However, Google Ads currently allows us to go further.
Similar audiences

Remarketing has been around in digital marketing for several years now. However, the “similar audiences” function allows us to extend the results through machine learning and the algorithms of advertising platforms. Similar audiences allow you to find audiences that behave the same as users who have generated some type of value for the company. For example, an advertiser could create a campaign with similar audiences to people who have already generated a transaction type on their ecommerce website. As an added benefit, these audiences update and grow automatically as they evolve based on user behaviors.

How to take advantage of similar audiences?

The best way to illustrate this is by example. A couple of years ago, when these audiences were introduced in Google Ads, we presented the solution to one of our clients in the automotive industry. At that time the largest car sales fair was approaching, so what we proposed was to take the database of all buyers of vehicles of your brand, transform the data so that it was completely private and upload it to the Google platform Ads (this database consisted of approximately 30 thousand buyer records). The platform then, with its intelligence algorithms, began the process of searching for audiences that behaved similarly to those who already bought a vehicle from our client.

What was the results?

Our client reached the top position in the Google search engine 94% of the time. This was extremely important since we were present in a large number of searches that were made, not only about the brand, but also about the automotive category and the fair. This had a positive impact on sales. The objective that was set was to increase sales by 5% from 2017 to 2018, by the time the fair ended, our client had obtained a 40% growth in sales from the digital channel.


For a more automated digital marketing

Today, Marketing work has been more than supported by the digital efforts of the platforms, which use their intelligent algorithms to automate processes that previously had to be done manually. Adopting these new technologies not only makes work easier, but also creates value by providing solutions that boost business results.


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