It is time to digitize your business!

The current contingency restrictions have marked a before and after in business and in user behavior. For example, searches for products like “soaps”, “antibacterial” and even “online markets” have increased in recent months. In addition to this, the current digital consumer is classified as curious, impatient and demanding, which for many companies has been a challenge since they do not have a robust digital property to be able to satisfy the needs of potential customers. What kinds of actions could your company start to take to achieve good business results at this uncertain time? Here are four essential points.

Digitize your operation!

If you only have a physical store, it would be good for you to create a website where you can show your products, but also offer your customers the opportunity to make the purchase online. For example, an 84% growth in e-commerce purchases has been observed in the food and provisions categories. The current user is interested in making their purchases online, so offering this type of option becomes a great value differentiator.


Shopify is a tool that can help you create your e-commerce site. It is a service that offers a series of utilities such as payments, marketing, shipping and customer loyalty tools, among others. Its objective is to simplify the process of running an online store. It is mainly aimed at small merchants.

Don't forget your local presence

Being local in digital is not something new. Through Google My Business you can place relevant information about your physical store such as opening hours, products, frequently asked questions, as well as link your website to this platform. It is a totally free tool that will help you have a clear vision of the comments that your customers have about your store. If you have more than one store, you can manage each of the stores without problem from the online platform.


If the logistics operation overwhelms you, think local. Make alliances with local delivery providers in your city. You can also use platforms like Glovo that will help you deliver the orders that your customers place. Be transparent with your client about the return policies and the waiting time of your product. Trust will be welcomed by your customers.

Analyze your results

Analyzing your results can help you grow your business. For example, if you can identify which users of a certain place are more likely to buy, you can direct georeferenced paid campaigns to that specific place. Also, if you can identify purchasing patterns for your products, you can offer special packages. Finding the value of analyzing your results will help you better understand your customers and grow your business in digital.

In summary

  1. Help your users to find you through a virtual store.
  2. Share information about your physical location through digital properties such as Google My Business.
  3. Support local commerce through alliances with suppliers in your city.
    Analyze the results obtained and create new value for your customers.