Getting Started: Exporting to China

On October 14 and 15th our commercial director, Angie Jiménez participated in the X edition of the China-Latin America and the Caribbean Business Summit (LAC) in Tangshan, Hebei, China.

The assistance was a direct invitation to Jiménez by the Inter-American Development Bank through the Connect Americas program, of which she is an ambassador.


Angie explains that participation in the event is because China’s role as a global economic agent is important. In addition, his mind is constantly in search of businesses and new opportuns to develop digital marketing initiatives and promote trade between China and Latin America.


Jimenez agrees that Chinese entrepreneurs have the ability to function as an accelerator engine of the modern business revolution generated, such as Alibaba, one of the many major companies in global e-commerce.


As China has banned the use of Facebook and Google, the director believes that there is a great opportunity for companies like Extendo to provide advice on such channels and use them as a means of promotion in the region.


In addition, it considers it important that ethical entrepreneurs can also use Alibaba as a means of exporting products, with the help and support of entrepreneurs who know very well the most famous platform in this country.


During the visit, a cooperation agreement was signed with an organization similar to the Costa Rican Chamber of Commerce but of Chinese origin.


Extendo currently exports 40% of the services to the United States and is expected to export to China in a short time.


Costa Rican companies participated in the X Business Summit with the support and accompaniment of the Costa Rican Foreign Trade Promoter (PROCOMER) and the Embassy of Costa Rica in China.