How to evaluate the performance of your online store?

It is fundamental to review if the sales process for the user is completely without any type of problem or friction which would cause the client to stop their mission of buying online

¿Which are the areas of a website, especially an online store, that a business must audit or review?

An online store needs to periodically review the following aspects:

  • Quality of traffic against sales generated for the channel (conversion rate)
    Experience in the store: time to download the page, usability and the user experience
  • Check out process
  • CRO or conversion rate optimization, is a review of the aspects which affect the conversation rate of user sales. They can include the page design, colors or the location of the calls to action.
  • SEO, Optimization with search engines
  • Product delivery
  • Evaluate client satisfaction with the store, the purchase, the delivery and the product itself.#


It is fundamental to review if the sales process for the user is completely without any type of problem or friction which would cause the client to stop their mission of buying online. Digital users are impatient and demanding therefore, if we have an online store that takes a long time to download or generates errors during the buying process it will directly affect the sales secured within the online store.


Another of the important aspects to review is site loading, the loading of the site does not only directly impact the client’s perception but also is one of the factors that Google takes into account to prioritize website positioning.

Why is it necessary to carry out these types of audits?

  • Systemize continued improvement, starting with good industry practices and the performance indicators for the online store
  • Look to provide better client experiences in the online store every day
  • Improve technical and visual aspects that enhance the performance of the store at sales level
  • Increase sales generated in the online store and the conversion rates
  • Optimize the performance of our digital marketing budgets


Which tools exist to ensure that a webpage and its web pages can be quickly displayed in the main browsers?

  • We recommend using Page Speed Insights de Google this tool analyzes the webpage content and then makes suggestions for the page to be faster and displays recommendations as much for the web version as for the mobile site.
  • Google Analytics has a report of the speed of the site, with the detail of page downloading times, suggestions for speed and user times
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Why do you need to evaluate from the point of view of usability or user experience?

Because if our website is not usable, the competition is just a click away. Because if our store is usable and has a pleasant user experience this feeling of satisfaction will be passed on to the brand, but be careful as the feeling of frustration for bad store performance can be passed on. Which do you prefer to be: the good or the bad?


We need to think from the perspective of our client, be clear which tasks the client needs to do in our store and facilitate the process and accompany them to complete the transaction smoothly and with clarity about which steps to follow. We often ask our own clients if they will test a purchase on the site and they do not always do so. Do a mystery client exercise, try to purchase something, look for service on the web chat or Whatsapp, how are you served?


It is fundamental therefore that we evaluate the website from the user experience perspective, then with this in mind we can create a buying experience in our store or website that responds to the business objective that we are trying to achieve.

Which tools can be used to evaluate the website from the perspective of usability or the user experience?

  • Hotjar is a tool which creates color maps in the areas of the website where users have more activity. This tool can help us to find improvement points to make the user experience much more pleasurable and easier for our clients. Although it is true that this tool has a free plan, we recommend the paid version that covers the site’s needs in monthly topic sessions.
  • The mobile-friendly Google test is a free Google tool that confirms if the site is or is not mobile friendly. The mobile device has gained relevance in recent years therefore it is important that our website is thinking about how to serve a “mobile first” audience.
  • The Google Page Speed Insights is a free Google tool that allows the developers to identify the important technical aspects of a site to improve the website speed
  • Configure conversions in Google Analytics and see in which part of the process people come off the path and carry out Tests A/B to permanently improve.

Which other aspects need to be analyzed and with which tools?

There are many tools that can work, the important thing is to have clarity about the objectives the site is pursuing and to measure them from the start. Define KPIs which allow better monitoring and can incorporate the tool to allow the flexibility and confidence that the data is correct.


Clients have often installed Google Analytics and do not know that they have a source to measure the actions that users carry out on the website, if they want to know more about their audience they can also find out more. It is a mine of information that can answer many business questions, such as: What type of products are purchased? What other actions are happening on the site? What is the user demographic?


If you want to evaluate your store’s performance, you can apply this questionnaire:

If you want to use a more Costa Rican tool: