Goals for online stores in Costa Rica

Many people ask, What are the goals of online stores to improve the clients’ digital experience, personalize the product offering or services to every client, facilitate smoother online sales and response to complaints, questions and information on deliveries?
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Can improve:


  • Clients’ digital experience
  • The personalization of products and services
  • And facilitate smoother online purchases
  • Response to complaints, question and delivery information



  • Ensure the permanent gathering and protection of client data
  • Technology that allows fast upscaling in an almost exponential manner. We can say that it is the automation of marketing.

From the first contact, you need to make sure that data is collected correctly which allows you to start on the right foot in registering client preferences.


Many brands assume that the initial experience begins when a purchase is made, but in reality from the moment that a potential client is exposed to a campaign in Google, Facebook, Waze or Instagram, they have started a relationship with the brand. From then the brand needs to guarantee data capture that allows an impact on a new user, for example like remarketing techniques.


The best example of the practice being ineffective is when we receive an advertisement for a product that we have already bought. How does the store not pay attention to items we have purchased?

All the information about the client must be stored in a single place and like this, we avoid having information siloed in departments. To personalize, we need to integrate systems and data that give valued information on every client.


Clients will always appreciate an online store remembering their size or favorite color or when a brand or salesperson knows that a person is a frequent client and shows them the promotions that only apply to them, and this will incentivize them to buy more.


The point is that to achieve all of this, it is necessary to connect data in a strategic manner so that the store has saved the history of consumer interaction and that the technology makes this possible so it does not depend on a human. The proposition is that the salesperson in the physical store can be digitized with this experience of recommendations or provide advice according to the stored data on the interactions.

Some advice to improve the digital experience for clients (that also are targets…that’s to say they are the easiest to do):


  • Analyze the information to find behavior patterns.
  • Facilitate the storage of information on payment preferences and the mailing address, evaluate customer satisfaction with the store experience, the purchasing process, the delivery and product quality.

We can summarize in:


  • Make use of the marketing platforms (Google/Facebook) to: understand your clients and collect the permitted data, to encourage relationships with your clients.
  • Accept the responsibility to collect and protect your clients’ privacy.
    Find a more integrated way of working with other areas which have data that later can be converted into valuable information to offer better client experiences.
  • Use the data, do not just put a cookies warning on the website but take the time to use this data for campaigns, to adjust the content, to carry out an AB test, to improve usability. The easiest task is to use the marketing platform data, it is more challenging to build a platform for the business or brand which allows you to serve clients using their own data.