Website and App Tagging

Tagging of data developed from a server

Today the main goal is to capture data in a safe manner. The digital scenario presents:

This has led to the modification of the traditional model of measurement which is based on a browser where visitors register information about the interactions with a website and also the most common form of tagging used by the websites. 

Client-side tagging

The model of tagging at the server level or server side tagging (SST) in contrast uses a tagging manager in the user’s  browser which is like a stocked server for this end. 

The client manager organizes a unique channel to gather information that is sent to the server. The server receives the information and distributes it to the external providers from a subdomain belonging to the business. Preventing that the data gathering process is affected by the advert blockers and helps in defending against the vulnerabilities of third party data violation. 

The present and future of data has led the digital industry to change several core rules of the data collection process from user interactions to benefit consumer privacy. 

One of these is into passing the labeling from the client side to the server, which offers the following benefits:

Security improvement:

Improves user experience

Improved data quality

The implementation of this solution includes the following activities:

The benefits of the tagging solution at the server level to capture client data:

The traditional measurement model with Google Analytics:

The traditional measurement model with Google Tag Manager:

Alternative measurement model: Server-side tagging

Client - side vs Server side

Server-level tagging optimizes the data collection process at the capture level, increases the quality of the information collected, improves website load-time performance, and prevents data vulnerabilities.

This solution is quoted as a fixed price project that is determined from the client’s requirements expressed through a discovery session. Enabling this solution begins as a process of analyzing the current situation, implementing the solution including configuring servers in the cloud, testing and putting it into production. The starting price of this product is $2,500.

In addition to the Extendo services, the monthly amount for the cloud servers  must be considered. As a reference, these can start at $90 per month.


We also offer documentation and knowledge transfer- training for solution maintenance.

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