Social Media Audit

Audit of presence, content and performance of the brand in social media

Many brands from all sectors and of all sizes, use social media to communicate with their clients, to make their products or services known, or as a channel of service and attention.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that these spaces are updated, evaluate the content that is published and how it is received by the brand’s audiences, as well as other opportunities to improve on findings depending on the sector or the brand in particular.

As part of this service, we conduct a detailed review of social media where the brand has a presence.

Additionally, we carry out a review of the level of optimization that each profile can expect  and the audience characteristics.

In respect to the content that the brand shares, we analyze the frequency, topics, interaction which occurs, reach and response of the brand.

The deliverable consists of:

Requirements on the client side:

The principal benefits:

This solution is quoted as a fixed price project which is determined by the amount of social media and profiles owned by the client. The social media audit product starts at $1,000.

We also offer to accompany you during the application of recommendations and the knowledge transfer – training in the strategic topics for networks, measurement and content.

Social Media today needs to be personal, relevant and values oriented. No matter who the audience is. And to get there, brands need to start by listening.
—— Maggie Lower, CMO at Hootsuite

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