Local Operation Response Automation.

Local Operation Response Automation (LORA)

Provide relevant experiences to your customer and expand your business by listening and  using digital reputation strategies.


LORA is a software as a service that allows companies with several physical locations to manage their reviews and, in general, their digital presence on Google My Business.



How can Google My Business boost local search engine optimization - SEO?

Local SEO is the practice of optimizing a website to increase traffic, leads, and brand awareness in local searches. Common tasks associated with local SEO include finding local keywords, optimizing the company’s Google My Business profile: creating “NAP” citations (Name, Name, Address, Phone) and review/answer customer reviews.

How can I get LORA?

LORA is a software as a service solution that requires all the GMB locations already verified, if you need help with the verification process we can bring the service of location verification in batch,  information updates and optimization for SEO purposes too.


Monthly prices start at $100 and the initial set-up can be quoted by knowing the amount of locations.

Mantain the best relationship with your customers with LORA

Maintaining a good and healthy relationship with customers across all digital services is a critical point in this age of digital marketing, this means listening to customer reviews on GMB and even responding (ideally) to all reviews represents great value both in terms of SEO and public relations.


By default, Google My Business offers an interface on its backend from which reviews can be responded to one by one for each location or office. This is not an optimal solution when it comes to responding to tens, hundreds, or even thousands of reviews, and it is of no help at all if you want to automate responses or provide them with batch responses.


We develop LORA – Local Operation Response Automation for:

We increase your reputation, digital relevance and customer satisfaction through the combination of marketing, data and technology, put at the service of solving your main pain points related with GMB.

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