Implementation of the Conversion API Facebook

Implementation of the Conversion of API for Facebook, process to enable the service of Facebook Conversion API in Google Tag Manager

This service consists in applying the due process for implementing the too: Facebook Conversion API which will need interaction with Google Tag Manager with the end of realizing the due configuration and development of the tags and pixel of Facebook in such a manner relying on the duly configured tools and the power to obtain the proper information and measurement, also to take more precise decisions in their campaign strategies and retargeting, analysis and tracking key data.


In the light of new actualizations of privacy like Apple’s App Tracking Transparency Framework launched in September 2021, Facebook has reported to the Facebook Conversion API to avoid leaks of their users’ data information.

The Conversions API was designed to create a direct and trustworthy connection between a Server to Facebook. This marketing data helps to enhance the personalisation, optimisation and measurement of ads in Facebook so that their ads are shown to the people who have the greatest probability of being interested in them.

The teams that want to improve their conversions find that the issue is in not having appropriate or sufficient data to generate Marketing strategies:

To apply the established due processes in which our specialists apply the best practices in the process step-by-step to obtain the configuration values required to give a high level of service in Facebook Conversion API in Google Tag Manager. To do so, the following activities are executed:

The deliverable consists of:

Requirements on the client side:

The principal benefits:

This solution is quoted as a fixed price project which is determined by the size and complexity of the existing configuration of the Facebook account and if there are personalized events. The implementations have a minimum price of $600.

We also offer to accompany you during the application of recommendations and the knowledge transfer – training in the measurement and digital analytics terms.

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