How do I update Google Universal to Google Analytics 4?

How do I transition from Google Analytics Universal to GA4?

Google Analytics 4 is a completely different platform to the standard Google Analytics. The imminent change in 2023 means that businesses need to prepare to migrate data that they have in their standard account to GA4, it is not simply giving the instruction to “update” or “migrate” by means of a button. What you can do is configure the new property and link it to an existing standard Analytics account and this allows the import of the original account’s tracking configuration. This is to ensure that at least the same data is collected.

If the property was configured with App + Webb between July 2019 and October 2020, the migration process is easier.

Google Analytics is not retroactive, it functions from the moment that the GA4 account is installed and configured, the faster the configuration is realized, the more historical data it will have. It will not be possible to migrate historical Google Analytics Universal data to GA4 as each one uses distinct data models. Therefore, enabling the measurement in GA4 as quickly as possible is recommended. The earlier that you start, the more confident you will be in working with GA4.

If you have a Google Analytics Universal account, a double download of data is recommended as part of the transition process to GA4 to allow taking a complementary approach in the configuration from the existing GA Universal account together with the GA4 account.

Google is in development processes and is permanently making changes and adding functionalities therefore we do not recommend having GA4 as the only data source.

This product includes:

Your GA Universal property will not have any changes.

The deliverable consists of:

Requirements on the client side:

The principal benefits:

This solution is quoted as a fixed price project which is determined by the size and complexity of the client’s existing Google Analytics account configuration. Migrations have a minimum price of $600.

We also offer to accompany you during the application of recommendations and the knowledge transfer – training in the measurement and digital analytics terms.

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