Google Analytics 4 digital usage measurement plan

Digital measurement and analysis with Google Analytics 4

The measurement plan enables the acquisition of relevant data for your business: answering questions that measure how and when.
The correct installation and configuration of the new Google Analytics 4 allows advanced data gathering to optimize the quality of the data which the clients’ businesses have and which facilitate an analysis of their characteristics and behavior.

The data of the businesses is strategically active and core to the strategies. Like the management of data privacy of our clients’ data.

June 30th 2023 will be the last day that Google Analytics Universal gathers data. From July 1st, Google Analytics 4 will be the platform that allows data gathering from the interactions of different users with the digital platforms. Within the new functionalities of the GA4, you can find:

GA4 is a new and completely different platform with multiple changes. And the recommendation is to install and configure it as quickly as possible to have both platforms running, with double download of data that allows the teams to become familiar with the new version of GA and reduce the learning curve.

This is the opportunity to define the digital measurement plan for the business or the opportunity to replace before the imminent change of GA platform. 

This solution is quoted as a fixed price project that is determined by the size and complexity of the data sources required to form part of the measurement plan.  The measurement plans have a minimum cost of $2,500.

We also accompany you during the application of our recommendations and the knowledge transfer – training in measurement and digital analysis terms.

This service ensures the complete and accurate measurement in your digital properties, including the complete installation and configuration of GA4

Accompanied by a measurement plan, that allows the definition of  a path to follow to ensure the accurate gathering of data in a planned, ordered, documented, scaleable and recurring manner. The measurement plan is complemented by a measurement guide that establishes good practices for the data gathering process from a technical point of view.


In digital, there is an abundance of generic metrics, that if they are alone and without objective clarity, say nothing. Defining the indicators of strategic performance and that metrics used capture the data of client interactions in a continuous form that has value to the business, select and integrate tools, identify the sources of available data, design and develop the technical measurement guide and finally visualize the data, is part of having a measurement plan that allows the rapid monitoring of progress in respect to the planned strategies and tactics.


Principal benefits to have with a measurement plan:


Digital Analytics and interactions (between our customers and their businesses) are both inherently complex and to get maximum value, independent of the tool, we need to invest at a massively higher level in brains.
—— Avinash Kaushik, Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google

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