Diagnostic of Paid Campaigns

Diagnostic of your paid campaigns: Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn

If you are asking: How much am I executing monthly in digital ads and what is the result for my business?


Every day more ads add dollars to your marketing budgets in Google ads – search and display -, DV360, Search360, Facebook and Instagram ads, Waze ads and LinkedIn ads. But how many of these ads are quantifying the impact of this investment on business results?


How do you know how to improve digital ads to optimize results and the impact on your business? We can find answers to all of these questions as part of a diagnostic service. 


Constantly, we want to obtain better business results for the same investment in ads, or we are looking to understand if the investment is the best , or if the distribution of the ad within the platforms is correct. We are always exploring how to be most accurate and efficient in the management of campaigns through paid media.

The solution part of the diagnostic is on the effectiveness of the implementation of campaigns on different platforms of paid media by reviewing good practices in the platforms:

To do this, we execute an exhaustive analysis on the following aspects:

The analyses are for the client’s active publicity accounts or those with a history of less than three months from the execution of the ad.

The deliverable consists of:

The principal benefits:

This solution is quoted as a fixed cost project that is determined by the ad budget and complexity of the publicity accounts. The diagnostic product for paid campaigns starts at $1,000.

We also offer to accompany our client through the application of recommendations and knowledge transfer – training in paid campaign topics and Google Ads certifications.

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