Dashboards Design and Development

Dashboard Design and Development that allows the visualization of strategic data from your business in real time.

This service consists in creating visualisers, like dashboards or control panels, which can show the relevant strategic indicators for the monitoring of relevant business data in a graphic and summarized manner for clients to make decisions.

In this way, this visualiser becomes the primary tool for the detection of relevant findings, to consult indicators in real time, analyze and to track key data.  

The teams that want to work with data find a environment where:

The earlier points can be resolved through the dashboard design and development that includes the following activities:

These reports will be designed in a manner that responds to the business’ questions very punctually but that directly contributes to the growth of our clients’ businesses. 

For us to deliver this service, we need access to the accounts that require integration into the Data Studio reports.

In addition, we can create reports using Power BI, Shiny and Tableau.

The three principal benefits that we look for with this service are:

This solution is quoted as a fixed price project which is determined by the types and volume of data and the information sources as well as the preferred tool of the client.  The basic report starts at $800.

We also offer additional training and possible support for topics such as digital measurement plan and data analysis to make decisions. 

Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.
—— Albert Einstein, Physics

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