Audit of Measurement and Digital Analytics

Audit of measurement and digital analytics of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

Digital analytics is the process of gathering, storing, organizing, analyzing and using data from the interaction of users in different digital spaces. It begins with the website but it is not limited to your own space. It can include social media, mobile applications, CRM and email marking amongst other digital tools.

Many organizations have installed Google Analytics but they are not configured and/or personalized, this limits or skews decision making now that they are not ensuring the process of gathering relevant data from the business. This can include taking decisions using poor quality data.

Today the majority of businesses look to base their decisions on data from their own clients and this service looks to reveal the state and quality of the measurement processes with the purpose of converting it into an efficient process to start the personalization and management of the measurement and analytics tools according to the needs of each business. 

As part of the service, we realize a detailed review of the data gathering process and the tools which are used.

We perform an inspection of the configuration of: the property, views, fileters, measurement objectives, content groupings, channels, eCommerce, dimensions and metrics, integration with Google products and other tools, tags, triggers and events. 

The deliverable consists in:

Requirements on the client side:

Principal benefits:

This solution is quoted as a fixed price project which is determined by the size and complexity  of the website. The audit of measurement and digital analytics starts at $1,000.

We also offer to accompany you during the application of recommendations and the knowledge transfer – training in the measurement and digital analytics terms.

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