MiWeb Follows Data-Driven Marketing Approach to Accelerate Clients’ Business, Says Co-Founder Angie Jimenez to GoodFirms

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MiWeb seeks to convert knowledge into practical actions that facilitate digital growth for their clients. They use processes and methodologies that allow them to listen to customers’ signals, which they use to create digital strategies and take advantage of the data generated by interaction with customers.


GoodFirms team got hold of the company’s co-founder and vice president of client strategy Ms. Angie Jimenez recently. In a short conversation, she discussed what the company stands for, the story behind its inception, and where they see themselves in the future.


Expert digital marketers at MiWeb works with clients to provide social media marketing, PPC content marketing, landing page, optimization, and email marketing. The professionals working at MiWeb guide their customers on the way to becoming digitally prosperous. They have access to the latest methodologies and digital assets that will help rank the client’s business, bring valuable traffic, build their brand authority and increase the reach of their companies. Drop maintains the client’s integrity by focusing and highlighting their positive strengths and promoting their services through social media and other digital platforms.

The team of competent digital marketing experts realizes the importance of customer engagement and brand loyalty that delivers a solution that goes beyond just SEO, email marketing and truly adds value to the brand’s identity. MiWeb understands the client’s requirements and accordingly creates viable solutions that help them enhance their brand’s visibility. Since its inception, the company has helped clients from different verticals, and geographies get excellent results through its ingenious digital marketing strategies. With such deep knowledge in marketing, the company has earned its position among top digital marketing agencies in Costa Rica at GoodFirms.

The robust and wide range of Big data analytics services provided by the team at MiWeb looks after the storage, analysis, and maintenance of unstructured data and sorting it out in a planned and controlled manner to make the most sense out of it. The professionals understand the unique business challenges faced by the client and the right mixture of tools and technologies that can be used to leverage the power of data in the Big Data ecosystem.

The team creates a proper roadmap that enables the clients to get actionable insights to make smarter and acquired decisions. With rich experience in delivering timely solutions and a competent team, MiWeb can provide a wide range of services in big data to clients that take their productivity and profits to the next level. Thus backed by expert team professionals who deliver the best possible solutions to their clients, the company has been ranked among the top Big data Analytics companies in Costa Rica at GoodFirms.

Talking about the company’s future in the next ten years, Angie mentions they will continue to lead initiatives for the use of data in marketing teams worldwide that enables their clients to generate excellent digital products that maximize the value of customer relationships considering identity resolution and consent.

The company understands that identity resolution is the ability to identify clients from anonymous to known and, therefore, manages to attribute the different actions in digital to their selected sectors providing them with security in the use of their information.

Thus, having read the excerpt from Angie’s interview, one can also go through the detailed interview at GoodFirms.

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