Extendo Spirit

We are a regional interdisciplinary team, passionate about innovation and motivated by continuous learning and research, that proposes ethical solutions to support companies that are interested in basing their decisions and actions on evidence, managing their data to activate it for the benefit of their clients.

Convert data into value actions that maximize the relationship between companies and their customers

We work to build organizational capacity to create exceptional customer value using data and technology. We use agile and innovative methodologies and clear work processes that  allow us to listen to the client combined with our  more than 20 years of experience in multiple industries in 10+ countries and with a multidisciplinary team that loves to investigate and propose solutions according to the customer’s digital maturity. 

Successful businesses are those which manage their data well and that can put it into production based on their decisions and act on evidence.

How do we do it?

We apply continuous research and testing that allows us to identify new ways to solve your customers’ to-do list.


We are technologically agnostic and so we will seek to use the best technology brands and platforms to meet your needs and develop appropriate solutions.

We ensure the delivery of digital marketing data services and solutions with proven agile methods and clear processes. 


We transcend the traditional “managed service provider” model by ensuring that knowledge transfer is an inherent element in our services.  


We apply ethical criteria to managing personal data capture and consent to enhance your company’s brand reputation.

What do we do?

We believe in developing your company’s data maturity in regards to the governance and use of data as a way to create and execute disruptive strategies that promote greater value exchange with your clients.


We believe that digital transformation implies relocating marketing as the central function of the company. Marketing is responsible for understanding and serving the customer from beginning to end.  


We believe that successful companies are those that manage their customer data through a relationship based on trust and make this data usable, useful and scalable.

Our team

Extendo Costa Rica’s team includes a mix of professional profiles ranging from data architects, data engineers, data scientists, digital advertising, SEO experts, digital marketing analysts, and digital strategists.  This mix of professionals brings to your company:

Our vision is that the initiatives that we develop lead to a mature use of data that allows our clients to generate excellent data products that maximize the value of the relationship with customers. 

Our principles

  1. A customer is any person who interacts with a company with the intention of solving their needs through an exchange of value. It covers both active clients, as well as potential and past / passive clients.
  2. Marketing is the area responsible for ensuring value exchanges that enhance the relationship with customers. It ranges from listening to the needs of the client to the design and execution of strategies and tactics to respond to these needs.
  3. Digital Marketing enhances value exchanges thanks to two-way communication between companies and their customers. Digital marketing involves listening before speaking. Owned, earned and paid digital media facilitate interaction with the market and are the channels through which data is collected and activated.
  4. Data is quantitative and / or qualitative signals generated by customers that describe their characteristics, interests, and interactions with the company. The data can be observed, analyzed and transformed into information that answers the questions of the organization’s business.
  5. Data products means the use of available data that provide relevant scenarios and contribute to support decision making and automation in Digital Marketing processes.
  6. Identity resolution is the ability to identify customers from anonymous to known and thus manage to attribute the different actions in digital media to their respective actors to provide them with security in the use of their information and an extraordinary experience.
  7. Consent is an agreement between the client and the company to supply identity and / or interaction data in exchange for more personalized experiences. Consent is the basis of the strategy that seeks to give greater value to customers in exchange for their trust.
  8. Technology works as an enabler that allows companies to develop agile, innovative and effective marketing strategies.
  9. Digital transformation is the process of maturing the competencies that companies require to reposition Marketing as the core competency of the company
  10. Digital maturity is the ability of an organization to effectively manage its resources -data, technical resources, knowledge and organizational resources- over time in a repeatable and scalable way.

Our manifesto

  1. We want to leave a mark on our clients who associate us with our ability, ingenuity, talent, agility and ethics.
  2. We facilitate the transfer of knowledge and continuous research by teaming up with the client to grow together.
  3. All of our clients can transform and evolve their businesses using data products that allow them to define strategies and actuate their tactics.
  4. Understanding customer needs is essential to achieve business transformation. Beyond simply an economic transaction, we promote  exchanges of increasing value over time throughout interaction with the customer. 
  5. The client-company relationship implies bidirectionality by listening to act on the intentions and interests of clients to serve them what they need and when they need it.
  6. Companies achieve their independence from digital platforms through their own data (1st Party) management. By positioning themselves at the center of their own digital ecosystem, companies build advantage by making the interaction and identity data of their customers key in marketing initiatives.
  7. The companies are responsible for collecting their customers’ data, determining their identity and safeguarding their privacy. 
  8. Data products require strategic management of the planned and governed consent of customer information. Each client has the right to use their identity and interaction data and must give that consent. 
  9. Personalized experiences mix two essential ingredients: Content (what) and Audiences (who).
  10. Statistical-based audience management is the best way to develop high-impact data products.