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Data Studio: Google’s native option for data visualization

I have had several conversations with fellow marketers where they tell me how still in 2020, they use Excel or Powerpoint documents to review data from their digital campaigns and Google Analytics reports and generate insights. Clearly all this data retrieved manually and then displayed in graphs. Would you believe me if I told you that you can automate this operation through a completely free Google tool? That’s right, its name is Data Studio and it’s Google’s native data viewer.

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How to be a utility brand in COVID-19 times?

The issue continues to go around the world, we are being bombarded by both true and false information about this new public enemy called COVID-19, popularly known as “coronavirus”. At the business level, we see how businesses are suffering strong impacts on cash flow and liquidity, from gigantic retail chains to small local coffee shops. Above all these adversities, we also see a growing trend to renew business models and digitize them, not only to sustain the operation of the business but also to avoid contagion and promote the health of both employees and clients.

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Increase your sales with similar audiences

One of the most important keys in Marketing is finding the right segmentation to direct the ideal message to the right audience. Generally, it starts from the demographic knowledge we have about our targets; age, geography, sex, among others. However, Google Ads currently allows us to go further.

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What should I consider to digitize the company?

In 1954 Peter Drucker published “The Practice of Management” in which he stated that companies have only two functions: marketing and innovation. By this he meant that everything else is just details. In this scenario, marketing is the process of creating value for our customers today and innovation is the process of ensuring that we continue to add value tomorrow. Companies are then organizational systems created to create value today and continue to do so tomorrow.


It is time to digitize your business!

The current contingency restrictions have marked a before and after in business and in user behavior. For example, searches for products like “soaps”, “antibacterial” and even “online markets” have increased in recent months. In addition to this, the current digital consumer is classified as curious, impatient and demanding, which for many companies has been a challenge since they do not have a robust digital property to be able to satisfy the needs of potential customers. What kinds of actions could your company start to take to achieve good business results at this uncertain time? Here are four essential points.